The Naked subject

A topic that has recently crossed my mind now my love life is on the change, is how my body looks naked. Admittedly it was only a few posts ago I was showcasing my swimsuit body but underneath that thin piece of material lies scars, stretchmarks and lumps and bumps I'm scared to show. 

Whilst reading today that Gemma Collins has posed naked for PETA (Okay so the image is highly posed in a way the body is partially hidden and tbh a tiny bit photoshopped) but it just crossed my mind, 'would I showcase my naked body to the masses?' 

My new man has made no remark to not liking my body so on that side of things, even though I still like the lights off, I feel I can be sexy and provocative without having to worry, but when I see people so carefree showcasing their bodies via the internet it makes me question what is it is actually stopping me? 

This isn't anyway a post where I suddenly showcase my naked body, not even in some lingerie but it does make me question a few things about myself. Maybe it's a further step to my body acceptance, despite thinking I'm fully confident in the skin I live in. Whilst writing this post I can't exactly pin point the reasoning behind it but I can safely say I admire Gemma for the above image. Not only supporting a worthy cause but for how happy, confident and carefree she looks. It's completely admiral to see a plus size lady not caring and donating her body as such to fight a cause. the tag line 'be comfortable in your own skin and let the animals keep theirs' is genius.


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