Benefit makeup rockateur launch

I was fortunate to be invited to an exclusive launch for the new rockateur blush, by the wonderful benefit makeup team at boots Queens Street Cardiff. 

Held at Tiger Tiger we were treated to nibbles and cocktails whilst the perfect rock star look was perfected in front of our eyes. 

I was introduced to some products I've been looking to test including Fake up and the they're real! mascara. These are definitely on my next payday wishlist along with the rockateur blush. 

I love the gold shimmer this blush gives. I'm terrible for applying bronzer with a bit of blush over the top but this product seems to satisfy me colour wise and pigment wise to hold up that job. The box and design as always is amazing, one feature I simply adore about benefit. 

I can't wait to pay the ladies a visit on payday and invest in these products. 

My favourite had to be the shadow named, 'Kiss me, I'm tipsy'

New Lipsticks - A bit too sheer for me the ladies at benefit mentioned they're all based and named around iconic buildings/structures. This one was based around the Golden Gate Bridge. I can't remember the exact colour but checking online some colours do come with a more full coverage than this sample. 

My phone didn't take a good quality image of the item in question 'Rockateur' but here is the new product, with it's amazing packing. The brush was also surprisingly easy to use and picked up the product lovely so it spread evenly when applied.

Treated to little samples in the goodie bag. The porefessional came in handy until my payday purchase. 

Have you tried the new addition? Any thoughts? Or what's your favourite Benefit product? I'm slowly becoming a convert to the whole range.


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