Acrylic makeup storage

I'm not a huge collector or makeup admittedly and I rarely invest in expensive products tending to stick to the cheaper more readily available brands but with the makeup I do own ( excluding all that got stolen from my make up box :( ) I've decided to display in my new bedroom. That way I can probably keep an eye on what I have and be more accessible to use it. 

Choosing not to have a desk space I want to utilise the top of my chest of draws and create a bit of a makeup/beauty area so beautify myself. 

The following is a selection I found by searching 'acrylic makeup storage' on Ebay. All reasonably priced as soon as I'm all moved in and settled I'm going to be making my orders.

I understand the store MUJI also stock storage like above so I might take a gander in store and price match to see what's easier. 

I can't wait to set up home and create and utilise an amazing space. Have any of you ladies got the above? Any advice or links to reasonably priced items?


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