What I've bought

SO I've been busy since payday (the first I've been able to treat and buy myself stuff with for a long time) buying myself essentials to start my A/W wardrobe. Apart from petrol in the car and being able to wine and dine I've been busy in the shops actually shopping and not walking past the window.

Collection 2000 Gothic Glamour - Revenge

New Purple Bath towel - Purple fever

Primark goodies - Polka dot dress, quilted purple chain detail top, navy midi, midi rings, chunky heel buckle heels, doc martin rip offs

New Look inspire print cami, fingertip rings, M initial midi ring

Asda wonderfit jeans (the greatest invention ever) Wearing the black but bought both black and dark navy 

mission burrito date 

Replacing make up stolen from my make up box :( Trying the MUA Marshmallow colour. Sunkissed bronzer, natural face powder, rosy pink blush (all boots) midi rings (again) and a purple midi for halloween. 

I feel like I've gone a bit off the rails with my spending so I'm trying to reign it in ready for the move. It's so difficult when I want so much at the moment :( 



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    1. It's the comfiest towel and huge. Was only £5 in sainsburys sale. Such good value x