My new adventure

SO I haven't posted in a little while. I was clever enough to schedule posts but not that clever as our internet wasn't accessible until last Tuesday (29.10.13) which meant on my part 12 days without blogging. 

I'm now reconnected with the world and have the comfort of internet at home in bed (yay for tv catch up.) 

Just a quick catch up. I'm now fully moved and settled in back in London, I've started my job with Anna Scholz which I love and for once everything is calm and happy (hope that hasn't been jinxed.) I'm hoping to expand my blogging to meet and get to know even more wonderful plus sized ladies so I'm going to start taking part in some bloggers challenges and blogging a lot more frequently in the up and coming months. 

I have a few outfit and payday purchase posts to follow and I'm really excited to attend Plus London 3 this weekend. I hope to see a lot of faces there and catch up with lots of people. 

Just a quick one from me today but just an apology and update to what's been going on


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