Just another blogging challenge - My pick of the Sales

As I'm sure you may know, or even agree, Evans hasn't always been my go to brand for Plus size clothing, especially trend led. Lately though I think my opinion is going to be drastically changed. Some point last year, when they released 'collections' I spotted this dress and immediately wanted it, the only thing stopped me as always was the price point. £50 for what looked like a printed jersey midi dress just wasn't worth it. Working in the fashion industry you learn how items are priced and what percentage a mark up tends to be against the cost price to retail price (yes having this information is horrible, especially when you work out how little it cost the brand to buy it initially to how much it is for us to buy in store.) Anyway I went home for Xmas and decided to go sale shopping in Cardiff on boxing day to spend some money. As I traveled in so early I went in every shop I could waiting for the next to open. Luckily Evans opened fairly early so I decided to take a look for a new pair of boots. When walking in I spotted it on the sale rack and ran to check out the new price. £20 down within 2 mins this dress was in my shopping bag. I love the fabric, fit and the print (basically everything about it.) I'm not sure on the colour, blue isn't a colour I have a lot of in my wardrobe but I think it's a good addition.

I have seen a lot of bloggers snapping it up in the Xmas Sales. Have you grabbed this bargain?



  1. I just bought this dress!! The last one in the shop and I love it! I was so excited when I saw it and I know a few bloggers have it too. Looks great on you :) xx

  2. Oh I wish I had got this dress, I love it and it looks fab on everyone!