A bit late to the blog but when Anna Scholz held their annual sample sale (not only as a staff member but as an avid Anna Scholz follower) I jumped at the chance to pop LOTS on to my credit card.

The following dresses I purchased were samples with some not being put in to production (one of a kind pieces.) I also purchased along with these some jersey pieces which I will pop on here once photographed. I would easily say these three are my favourite pieces. Made from silk, whenever I wear them I feel amazing. As biased as it probably sounds Anna's creations are amazing. From the print right down to the shape and style, I've never really saw anything of hers and thought 'that's terrible.' Of course knowing my shape and what suits I've also never bought anything that wouldn't suit, but I've never felt lost for choice for options. 

I can't get enough of Anna Scholz and I can not wait for you to see the new Spring/Summer collection Anna has up her sleeve.



  1. I can't wait either cause you look incredible hun. xx

  2. They all suit you so well! Love the cube lumo :) x