Just another blogging challenge LOVE IS IN THE AIR

This valentines is the first in a few years I actually have a date. I've already received the phone call off my mum.
 'If a letter arrives for you, it's probably best to leave opening it until Friday,' (thanks for the yearly Valentine 'without fail' card mum.)  As well as a date I am attending a wedding in the day. Normally I'm a grump when this time of year comes around. At 22 I've had several failed relationships that haven't even reached a celebratory anniversary (this is the part where you feel sorry for me yeah?) This year though there's lot's happening and like I mentioned I have a date (sick of hearing it already?) 

I wasn't sure what to write about when this theme come along. Do I wanna right about all the cooey and mention gross romantic stuff? or, do I just keep it to Valentine themed things? I chosen to sample a few bits I think would be perfect for not only Valentines day but to wear all the time (who want's to buy something just for a hallmark created day anyway? 'Love is all around me it's everywhere I go' )

All on asos.com now


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  1. I love those heels! Been looking at them tonight actually but wondering if they would make my feet rub!

    Laura from www.whatlauralovesuk.com xxx