Just another blogging challenge - Something you don't know about me?

I like to think I'm a pretty open person.  As much as I hate to do it, near enough every aspect of my life is broadcast on social media. I mean we do live in a 'Big Brother' society, but I'd be pretty screwed if for some unannounced reason, the government had to find me. One look on my Instagram and they’d know I was in a nandos or the diner. SO when it came to writing this post, I was pretty screwed. I put my heart on sleeve, can’t keep my own secrets let alone others soooo there isn’t much, I haven’t at one point put on to the open world wide net.

I think the only thing I think people don’t know about me is that I’ve never fallen in love/been in a completely serious long term relationship. I’m not even sure I’ve had a relationship last longer than a year. I sometimes let it bother me, but at 22 I’ve had way too much fun to be bothered by it. I actually think my best friends have put me off, with their relationship problems etc. The idea of being with that same someone for longer than a year is terrifying. It might steam down from my parents’ divorce. I know the idea of marriage is more or less a complete right off because of it. I just haven’t found the one I suppose. I think being the pickiest person also doesn’t help this dilema. (

I’d love to find that one true love of course (anyone know of a chubby bearded man, who loves food, pop punk and me? hit me up); I just live by the idea of not settling. I can’t settle for second best, or being with someone for the sake of it. It just isn’t me, and if I’m not completely happy I won’t keep my mouth shut and put up with it, why should I?

I can’t see this being the most interesting ‘unknown fact’ in the world, but it’s personal to me and something I’m ready to share with the world. I suppose I literally have no unknown secrets to the world currently now.




  1. I like that you have shared this with us. Although, you may not think it's an interesting fact, I do at's nice to here different perspectives about relationships. Take your time to settle down and that bearded man will surely come!xo
    Btw, who started this challenge?x

    1. ohh thank youu lovely. Toni did I believe lovely www.theleftofperfect.blogspot.co.uk x