#ShopMyWardrobeforLent Week 2

So the last week hasn't been too difficult. I can't tell if this is because I've been too busy to even contemplate looking online for clothes let a long pop in to a shop, or whether or not my bank balance will not allow for any unnecessary transactions.

I really am enjoying utilising my wardrobe though, and wearing bits I'd forgotten about. I am dying to shop my wardrobe back home though and already have a list of things I need to bring back.

Here's my outfits this week:

Outfit 1

A little bit of Anna Scholz to glam up my outfit today :)

Went with the simple boyfriend top and jeans with a statement necklace today.

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

TGI and unexpected date night to see Chvrches :) Disco pants were out in full force with some neon and khaki. Haven't got the pants out in a while ;) 

Outfit 4

Night out with the girls. Tested out one of my new boohoo pieces. Adore the two piece dress. Comfortable and so easy to wear. Full boohoo review coming soon.

Outfit 5

Sundays are slowly becoming a FLAWLESS day for me. If I'm not hungover, I'm too lazy to get dressed. The dirty stop out I am ;) stayed at Debz after out night out. This is me in the morning with a horrible hangover haha.

Outfit 6

I love teaming up midis with tops. This top in particular is a rather threatening one ' Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed.' Sadly this is pretty true.

Outfit 7
Celine Top and jeans (cheap ebay find - late to the pack I know.) Simple monochrome look with some statement jewels to dress up

So far so good on the outfit front. I can't wait to pack some goodies back in Wales. Let's hope my suitcase fits it all in ;)



  1. So proud to see my flat featured!! Well done on Lent, not too long to go now!


    1. hahaha :p FLAWLESS. Thanks babe. Eager to shop my wardrobe back home though this weekend. Get a few new pieces ;) xxxxx

  2. Looking great hun. I love the shirt in the first picture. x