When it comes to my body and bits I like I can safely say my big round booty is my favourite part. Although honestly my list of things I like is ALOT longer than hate. I love my waist, I love my hips, I love how I wear bodycons and I look like a bigger version of Kym Kardashian (don't even care if you don't agree), I love my eyes, I love my smile, I love my dimples, I love my tattoos, I love my small ankles, I love my legs, I love my boobs, I love my arms. Yeah I love one hell of a lot about my body for a fat person right?

My bum anyway, It's my cushion that never let's me down, it follows me everywhere with no fail. It's just a part of my body that I love.  I love how my clothes cling to it and it sticks out, pert and proud. It also has some admirers in the name of Anna Scholz and Velvet D'Amour ;).

Here's some pictures of it in all it's glory anyhow.

The Twitter hashtag for this bloggers challenge is - #PSBYouAreGoodEnough . You can keep up with me and all the other girls on our blogs below and through the hashtag

Also  Just a reminder to everyone out there who doesn't think they're good enough.


  1. Hurrah for a bit of booty love xx

  2. I'm always up for a bit of booty, since I have a bubble butt! :) x x

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