What I won

I've been extremely lucky the past week and a bit. I won two competitions and received some amazing goodies.

The first thing I won was a Raffle from the new UK based plus size store MSSVG. At BPSFW they held a raffle through out the day at the market place. To enter you simply had to like the store and comment. I won the raffle and received some amazing prizes. The main prize was a Junarose dress (which may I add fit's like a glove, review coming soon)

The second thing I won was from blogger Leah from thirtysomethingcurvyme . A 200 post giveaway the prizes amounted to £200. I got to chose a mac lipstick of my choice and won a few goodies along with a photoshoot.

Here's some pictures of the items. 

(excuse the head in the mirror hahaha)

Now to book the photo shoot and chose some outfits to wear :p



  1. Aw. I am glad you like them. Look forward to your reviews x

    1. Thank you hun. The lipstick is amazing!! xxx

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