#ShopMyWardrobeforLent Week 1

So week one of no shopping is complete. I wanna say it's been difficult but tbh it's not been as bad as I thought. The original idea that my bank balance would be saved back fired as I've now began shopping for furniture bits such as frames and acrylic make up holders haha. (oh and now a new tattoo.)

I've definitely realised how much clothing I have, and have started to outfit plan and utilise what I already own. I'm going home for a weekend to celebrate my dads birthday (and mothers day early) so I'll technically be shopping my wardrobe back home which is FULL of things. I think this will help as I'll be wearing clothes I haven't worn in a while. I think the majority of my wardrobe back home still has the tags on anyhoo.

I have had a little urge with Asos Curve discounts and Simply Be's new release of incredible pieces (PLEASE DON'T SELL OUT) hahaha.

Here's outfits from this week anyway. Saturday was a PJ day (hungover central) so there was no outfit post just a ' I WOKE UP LIKE THIS #FLAWLESS# selfie.

Day 1 
I wore my one off Anna Scholz tunic today. I really fancied some colour so chose this dress with some leggings.

 Day 2 
I wore leggings with this oversized top. I did have a maroon cardi for when the office got cold but I forgot to bring it home for the picture. This outfits not the most imaginative, but I felt comfy and relaxed.

Day 3
I wore plain black jeans and this New Look Inspire cami. I was going out after work for drinks for my girl Gemma's birthday, so wore something that could go from day to night. 

Day 4
Hangover day. My attire for the day was PJ's. I decided to give you my best Beyonce Flawless face, because I literally did wake up like that ha!!

Day 5 
Big day in the 6 nations as England and Wales came head to head. I felt risky and wore my welsh top to watch the game. Not the most stylish of outfits (and didn't give any luck to the team,) but I had to support my boys :p.

Day 6 
I didn't get a full length picture but I wore my favourite dog teeth River Island top with my Asos Curve kimono today. I felt relaxed but stylish in this outfit. It's definitely a go to choice for me. 

Day 7
I teamed my sheer panel top and a cami waisted dress today. I love layering pieces, especially when I'm mixing textures and colours. This outfit was stylish but so so comfy. I added a hint of neon with my necklace to stand out against the dark tones. 

So far I've been okay. I've actually liked looking through my wardrobe for what I have. There's been many occasion I've bought something exactly the same as what I have at home. 

A few ladies linked below are also trying to be good and not shop. Follow them and how they get on.


Anne-Lise - http://muki7x7.co.uk


  1. Some really cute outfits already in yout wardrobe it would seem :) love the dresses x

    1. Thank you lovely. I think my problem is I buy so much I forget what I have hahaha xxx

  2. I really wish I bought that new look top!! It looks really good on you!! xx

    1. Thank you lovely. I will admit I had to sew the arm straps as they were too big so kept falling off my shoulders. Nothing 5 mins at a sewing machine couldn't fix though xxx

  3. All lovely outfits! I am starting to struggle a bit now though and there is still a few weeks to go! If I last until the end of the month I will be surprised!

    1. Oh no :( I've surprisingly found it okay. I am getting to the point where I'd love some new bits but I'm keeping strong so far xxx

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