Okay, now I know when I agreed to this, immediately after I wanted to hide in a hole for the next 40 days. I won't be offended if you you did the same to be honest. I will be giving up clothes shopping for 40 days and 40 nights for lent. I prefer to say 6 weeks as it doesn't seem so bad. 

I'm not doing this for religious reasons (arguably yes I'm doing it around the time of lent), but I think for the sake of my bank balance and my clothing rail, I need to wear the tonnes of clothing I have, with and without tags on (someone call shopaholics annon.) 

Luckily a few other bloggers are on board (see below), so ladies if your reading this, I will be Facebook messaging you for support haha (and no doubt crying when my beloved Asos Curve wishlist all goes in to SALE.)

The official hashtag on twitter is #ShopMyWardrobeForLent

I will update you with weekly outfit posts (more than likely selfies images as I can't get my housemates to take pictures everyday haha.) I am going to try reallllllly hard to wear what I have and not buy new.



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