The magical disapearing act

so some of you may or may not have noticed my magical disappearing act from blogging. In April I felt motivated and inspired to vlog and blog about everything and anything. I can't put my mind on why the motivation lacked and disappeared but for some reason it did and alas I haven't blogged for about a month or so.

Some of you may be thinking 'I didn't even notice' but blogging has taken a huge back seat for me. May is always a month of things going on, even more so now I don't live at home. I have 5 birthdays in a the space of a week to buy for, go home for and celebrate, one of those being mine. I have also had 3 concerts to attend. I have also had friends visiting me here in London. It's now bank holiday and I've suddenly been able to relax and breath and prepare for the month ahead. 

I do have a few post ideas in the pipeline to come up over Summer but for now I'll leave you with an update in pictures of my month.


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