The perfect birthday suprise

I was approached by Baker Days to review one of their cakes. When I first got the request I couldn't think of any reason or occasion I would need a cake delivered to my front door (yes I hear you, a fat girl actually questioning why someone would want to send her cake and right on her door step.) Well I thought long and hard and thought it would make an amazing present for my brother. With his 21st coming up and due to commitments I wasn't able to get home for it, so I asked the amazing staff at Baker Days would it be okay to send to him it.

I sent off the cake design I wanted along with the images and the text, and within about a day they had confirmed the cake. I then received an email to confirm it was being sent and the very next day my mum called to say it had arrived. The whole process was the most easiest, stress free experience I have ever had. I can not praise the company enough for how efficient they were. 

Both my mum and brother were over the moon when it was revealed at the party. My brother even shred a tear and couldn't be thankful enough for such a special personal present. When I was sent the pictures, I really couldn't believe my eyes at how professional and amazing it looked either. Everyone at the party commented and all thought the idea was ingenious.

The cakes are priced from £14.99 and they allow you to fully custom the text and some of the images. They also do Cupcakes too ;)

I can't recommend Baker days enough, especially if your looking for that one off special present for a loved one. 

Here's pictures of my brothers cake:


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