My story - 'Michaela and her Fatkini confidence'

So as some of you may or may not have noticed I was in the 'Sun on Sundays' pull out magazine ‘Fabulous.’

I was approached for interview a few weeks back and after uming and arghing whether to do it or not, I bit the bullet. The topic was surrounding the recent hashtag craze the Fatkini which they actually found me from. Wearing the fatkinis I have with pride and having a lot to say on the topic of plus size in general, the interview was pretty easy and I felt I got my point across pretty strongly. Of course my points we put against ‘health professions’ but all in all I think the argument/article is balanced.

I just wanted to really put it out there, I’m fat, I’m happy and I’m healthy along with 100's of other amazing ladies. I have never been under a size 16, even as a child, but this has not stopped me being part of Hockey, netball or swimming team, of which I have played for South Wales. This has not stopped me doing anything in life at all actually. I love fashion to the point I work in the plus size fashion industry, and I believe I have a pretty good style which I hope inspires others to break the rules. I have never had a problem getting a job due to my size, I hardly visit the doctors, I don't want a gastric band and I continuously prove the doctors wrong having a normal blood pressure and no signs of diabetes. I may have not been in or found love but I have had relationships with people who like me for me the size I am (I need to stop being the fussy one with men actually.) 

My last point that was put in the article just explains how the plus size community and myself are just a normal bunch of girls, who do normal ordinary things. I expressed the idea that plus size should just be banished and we should just concentrate on helping society see that in fact we’re just like any other person. We can wear what we want, we can say what we want, we can do what any other person on this planet can do! We also don't drain your tax money on NHS resources, neither do we sit on our asses eating crisps and chocolate watching day time TV.

Anyway I’m pretty proud that my ‘story’ and opinions have reached a UK national newspaper. My whole purpose for my blog, my Instagram images, right down to the job I’m in has been to let people know that being fat is actually okay, and you won’t miss out on anything in life because of it. Just stop worrying about what’s force fed through the media and concentrate on living a life of happiness, fun, style, memories, friends, family, laughter (yep you get the jist.) If I can just inject one little bit of my confidence in to someone shy and give them a new lease of life, it’s safe to say I’m happy.  Life's far too short to be unhappy, negative and a grump guys :).

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  1. Go you! Loved seeing you in there (went and got it just for that because I would never buy The Sun) xx

  2. Go you! You amazingly gorgeous woman you. x