Junarose cardigan - How I wear mine

I was fortunate to be gifted this amazing cardigan from MSSVG and Junarose at an event I attended a few weeks back. With the weather being so darn weird lately and not knowing if it's going to be cold or warm this cardigan is the perfect transitional piece. It's thick, easy to wear, monochrome so goes with near enough everything and it's an amazing length and fit, almost like a duster jacket.

My lifes been at 1000 miles per hour the last few weeks, between a break up, a holiday to Dublin then work I managed to get my housemate to snap me coming in wearing the cardigan (I honestly wear this all the time as a jacket/coat.) 

This is a really casual and comfy look for me. Jeans, oversized tee shirt and some biker boots, perfect combo to layer with this cardigan. I also had some colour in my hair from Bleach hair chalks (post coming soon.) I popped on some lipstick to go with the colour in my hair and to add a punch to this monochromal tone look.

You can pick this cardigan/jacket up from MSSVG for a crazy price of £35. It's worth every penny spent especially if you wear it as many times as me :).



  1. I love this cardi! I'm trying to be a good girl for once, so I'll just appreciate it on others instead. :) xx

  2. That is such a lovely cardigan! I am a huge fan of them and probably have way too many:P

  3. Yes, you are very fortunate that you have this amazing cardigan. I wish I could have but unfortunately, I don't have a cardigan. Can you please mention the place where you bought Assignment Writing Services this cardigan?