Bras and Honey - Thee ultimate strapless Wonder bra

I was sent this bra a few weeks back by the amazing team from Bras and honey, and I can honestly say it's a god send. I have bought strapless bra after strapless bra and had to put up with lifeless saggy boobs, as none support them, BUT this bra has completely changed my life.

Finding a strapless bra can be a burden for big boobed ladies, as I'm sure some of you are aware. Not only having to put up with hardly any support from the ones available, but trying to find ones that actually fit. This bra from wonderbra though has changed that for me. I've been able to wear things without the worry my boobs will look like their touching the floor or feeling like I can't do anything it it without them slipping out. I was gifted a size 38F and admittedly the back was a little tight, so I added an extender for comfort.

As you can see by the pictures the bra itself has what looks like hand outlines inside. These are a soft plastic inserts that are supports holding your boobs up and inward. The bottom of the bra sits a little lower than a normal bra but doesn't dig in or feel uncomfortable.

I can't praise this bra enough. I've constantly wore it and the nude colour means it's versatile with all outfits.  I wore it to Dublin and my friends asked how did my boobs look so perky without wearing straps, so I began explaining and my friends have gone and purchased a bra each they were that impressed.

Here's what it looks like with and without clothes.

You can purchase the bra from the website from here for £34.00 now.



  1. oooh interesting, need to see if I can get my size. So many summer dresses and bardot style tops I can't wear because I need thick straps to keep me held in x

  2. You should hun. There's so much support from if. I struggle to find bras that support even with straps haha