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 I attended a bloggers love event a few weeks back. After meaning to attend a few of their events I finally got the chance to go and see what it was all about. Unfortunatly, which is no fault of the event there were no plus size fashion options. This was made up though by there being make and beauty up, jewellery and hair product stands. I have some make up and skin products that I'm also going to blog about, but the one product I've constantly used since is from Umberto Giannini Glam hair range.

The amazing duo at the stand asked what my hair woes were at first. These were that my hair was fly away and frizzy after drying. The gentleman asked if I used product already on my hair. I use plenty of Moroccan Argan oil on it which I thought not only nourishes the hair but styled it too. I was fascinated to find that it actually had no styling properties, hence why my hair is strong and healthy but is fly away after drying.

He recommended I use their Glam Hair Sex Bomb Massive Mouse and mix my argan oil in with it. When drying my hair the mouse would style and allow my hair to non frizz, whilst giving it some texture and volume. And the Argan oil would still nourish and keep my hair health. I was sceptical at first, but nether the less tried it out the next time I washed my hair and the difference was incredible. 

I'm so thankful for the product because I can rock some glam hair tonight at my works Christmas do ;).

Before shot: Hair washed and conditioned with herbal essences. Argan oil applied and blow dried.

Hair washed and conditioned with herbal essences again, but applied the mouse and argan oil mix to damp hair.

After : Blow dried and unstraightened. Hair is styled, non frizz, sleek and shiny. 

The Final Look : Straightened and hairsprayed. So much more volume, no frizz and it stayed perfect all day, even in the cold windy conditions outside.

This product has a HUGE thumbs up. It'll definitely be something I re purchase. There's lots of other products in the range. If you have any woes or not sure what will work I've included all the  Umberto Giannini social media links below. I'm sure if you tweet them they'll be able to offer amazing advice to solve your hair problems :)

Instagram: umberto_giannini


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