Curvy Kate: The Daily boost & Strapless Luxe Bras

So you may have read in my previous post about my time at the Curvy Kate event. I was gifted the daily boost bra at the event (also had a fitting too) and as soon as I put it on I felt like I had new boobs (that I couldn't stop touching all night btw ;).) They instantly lifted and afterwards I had comments not only on how pert my boobs were but also how it'd looked like I had lost weight (my waist is small so this bra just helped define it more.) I also had the chance to purchase the new Strapless Luxe bra and some smoothie high rise knickers. All sorted on the lingerie front and so impressed with the fit and look of all the bits, I just had to strip down and blog, to spread the curvy kate word. 

First of all: The Daily Boost (paired with Smoothie high rise knickers.)


Cute little bow detailing. I also love the grey contrast around the edge.

Second of all: The Strapless Luxe Bra 

Excuse the grumpy looking face, I'm sure I was going for dominatrix/sex face ha!?
My boobs are supported and still pert. I've struggled for years for a strapless bra for a big cup, that'll actually support and this is doing the job. I even jumped up and down and they stayed in the cup and supported.

A little hard to see, but the button detailing in the middle of the cups is uber cute.

Thick back band. It's so secure and comfy.

The band is tight and I had to pull it around BUT when on it doesn't feel restricting. I can breath, dance, bend up and down. Let's say I can complete the essential tasks haha. This is definitely the right size for me, I just think as it's strapless the band needs to give support, so it has to have a tighter elastic in than usual so don't be put off if you try this!

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  1. I don't often wear strapless bras (in fact I don't wear them at all) but it does look like this would be a good consideration. Great review poppet and you look fab in the pics x

    1. It's so comfy and supportive. I've avoided them for years tbh. Aww thanks hun :) xxx

  2. I also have trouble finding good strapless bras, but this looks like a great one. Thanks for the review!

  3. I LOVE wearing strapless bras, prefer them to those with straps so I love to read about new ones that get a good write up! I agree that the bands usually feel a little tighter but I think thats just to keep them up lol xxxx

  4. Like pretty much everyone above we also have trouble finding strapless bras that actually stay up and offer support; we will give this one a go! Looks promising :) xx

  5. YOU cheeky little minx! I LOVE THESE PICTURES. You look super beautiful as always! I do LOVE me some Curvy Kate <3 x

  6. I've been seeing so much about Curvy Kate lately - they look so comfy! Thanks for the share :)

    Kobi x

    1. They are amazing. The staff are so so lovely too. If you ever get a chance to see them at an event get fitted and purchase a bra :p you won't regret it xxx