Tescos Beauty Advent Calender - Days 1-7

So, I was going to attempt a daily blog counting down to Christmas by showing you what I got in my beauty advent calender. Unfortunately, due to the high amount of orders over black Friday, my calender was delayed getting to me. This for me was lovely as I had to catch up on 5 days of 'presents' in one, but not ideal for my blogging plans.
To combat this, I'll be blogging weekly to show you the treasures under each fold. 

I purchased the Tescos beauty advent calender (now sold out!) as a little treat to myself (and due to it going to half price online.) 
I picked it up from my local store and was shocked by the size of it. I'm not sure what I was actually expecting, but it's huge! Once I opened it, I was yet again shocked at the presentation. The look and feel of it just screams quality and luxury, which for £25.00 I wasn't expecting. 

My flatmates were both envious I got it, both watching as I opened each door to see what was behind. So far I am impressed with everything. I couldn't of asked for anymore really. Just looking forward to using the bits at my Works Christmas party :).

Here's what I got below:


Tanya Burr Nail Polish - Lovely deep purple

Paul Smith Extreme - Purfume Sample

Light up lipgloss - Sue Morley beauty

If you didn't know Katy Perry is my favorite person in the world, so receiving this necklace charm with sold perfume was a winner in my eyes. 

Mini soap - A little random, but the smell is lovely

Candy Kitten perfume - A little sweet but is ideal for everyday, especially as it fits so easily in my handbag.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week when I open the next 7 items :) 



  1. This looks fantastic. I almost bought one and am kicking myself now because I didnt x

    1. It's soo good! I'm hoping they'll continue it next year. I'll be re purchasing :) xx