Curvy Kate

I was invited along to Curvy Kates SS15 preview last week and I could not say no to a night of boobs, babes and bottles (of wine?) BBB. Get it? lol
Held at the incredible Canvas Café just off Brick Lane (urge you to go if you are in the area), we were greeted by the amazing Curvy Kate team,  lots of models in lingerie and the most amazing wine, food and company.
I managed to see lots of babes including my girls Lucie, Abi and Katie. I also managed to see the lovely Leah, Mayah, Hanna and the gorgeous superstar model Olivia (she’s a uber babe ;) )
We were let in to a secret that they were going to announce a big surprise at the event, and we all had our suspicions as to what it’ll be. I did hear murmurs that they were going to release some sex toys, but when they let the cat out the bag, it was revealed they are releasing a new brand that’s sexier and sultry than ever.
Scantilly is a raunchy brand that offers something a little bit sexier and revealing. The first release is this retro leopard print combo. Everything about it is amazing. As soon as the model walked out, my mouth dropped. It has a hint of Betty Page and mistress about it ;). It’ll be making its way in to my wardrobe if I’m honest.
After the announcement some ladies we fitted and we were generously gifted a bra each. I picked the daily boost which I will be blogging about soon (little secret – it’s incredible.) I managed to pick up their trusty £1 pants too ;) which have had the seal of approval from the man friend.

I've ordered the Luxe strapless bra too which will be heading to my house in January, so another post will be up.
As mentioned the venue was amazing. The walls filled with questions and all different people’s answers. I managed to answer a few. I think the idea is incredible, especially if you can legally graffiti. I’m in! haha

I think it’s fair to say Curvy Kate are my new favourite lingerie brand. Look out for their new SS15 pieces, as well as the new Scantilly.

Here's some pics below:

Lovely introduction and welcome :)

Incredible walls and sofa - I filled a few questions in :)

No hand wonder ;)

I'd like a pair like this please?

I believe this set is called Arizona - Available next year. The Polka dots sold me!

Scantilly  set - The flyer read a little risque ;) 50's shades of Curvy Kate haha

The beautiful Sarah H 

Spring Summer 15 preview. I love the little details.

Alllllll the cheese and wine :)

:( there's not a filter in the world that'll make me look as beautiful as Olivia


I had a brilliant night and have some reviews of my bits coming up so watch out for those.

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  1. Great photos! It was so lovely to see you again! xx

    1. Always a pleasure lovely. Can't wait to see you next year xx