Street style bargains

My mentality with clothes recently has changed. I've found myself holding back from buying huge amounts of clothes monthly as soon as payday hits, and purchasing more for things actually needed than wanted.

With the Sales over Christmas happening, I decided to not purchase clothes for both the Oct and Nov paydays, instead I chose to have a spending spree at the Sales.

I picked up so many bargains from Asos, Evans, Yours and Net-a-porter. Even though I was looking to spend a lot, I still felt that I held back in the Sales. 

I think for 2015 I need to make my wardrobe smaller and tidier. Right now it feels dis organised and cluttered :(.

Anyway I styled together this look. I think it'd a bit street style, especially with my uber bargain Nikes from Net-a-porter. 

I picked up this top from Evans collection Cut for Evans and the jeans are Asos Curve Ridley.

Nike AF1 Trainers (SOLD OUT)

Did any of you grab Sale Bargains? 

I can't wait to show off my Yours clothing finds.



  1. i love the top! definitely haven't seen one like that before

  2. I want that top! This year's cut range was so nice! I wish pay day would come sooner!!! I love this outfit! xx

  3. you look so lovely Michaela. I really like your outfit. :) And I miss you!! Can't wait to see you next weekend. :)