Sourz - Ice Ice baby

I was invited along by the amazing team of Sourz and stripe communications, to a new flavour launch for Sourz.

You may or not remember I went to an event that was held at Bleach London (link here) last year, where we were taught new ways to drink Sourz, whilst trying out Bleach hair chalks. 

This launch was held at the Ice bar in London. I was sent along the way (as well as viewing on Sourz social media) hints as to what was happening. The images showed the rainbow (which I subconsciously associate with Sourz due to their colouring) and references to ice. I could only come up with maybe they were doing a skittles vodka shot, due to taste the rainbow. and boy was I wrong.

Rainbow ice is the new and amazing shot flavour and experience from Sourz. Made with raspberry, orange and lime flavours. It is infused with a sherbet taste and once shot, a cooling sensation aftermath. I was apprehensive of the cooling effect, as I thought maybe it was connected to strong peppermint (you know, airways and that cooling sensation that happens.) I was pleasantly surprised though and really enjoyed the shot, so much so I didn't just shot it I drank it straight and mixed it.

On arriving, we were handed prosecco with raspberry sourz in. Now if I'm feeling fancy, I will buy chambord and add that to my prosecco (champagne if I'm really pushing the boat out.) Apart from the colouring (this wasn't as dark as the purple liquor mix) I couldn't really taste the difference, The raspberry flavour really complimented the drink.

The sourz team officially launched the drink and as a whole experience, we were taken in to the ice bar to taste. I've never been, but have always wanted to experience it. Honestly, I would have loved to have done this in the summer, as the matching minus temperatures outside just kept us all cold for the night, but the experience is one I won't forget.

With our glasses made of ice, we sampled the drink and I for one loved it (I even grabbed seconds.) I met with two lovely ladies Charlie of Freakumdress and Oog of The Blog Of Oog, and we stuck together (literally coz of the cold) during the night. After half hour we finally decided we couldn't feel our toes and left to go back to the reindeer room. 

We were met with the rainbow ice shot mixed with bitter lemon and the mix was amazing. The taste of the shot really complimented the bitterness in the lemon. New fav drink under my arm ;)

Prosecco and raspberry Sourz & the amazing food 

Ladies of Sourz :)

At the event, Sourz announced they will be collaborating with Holi festival in the UK which I think suits the brand down to the ground. 

I seriously suggest you try this new shot. It's available soon from Asda or Tescos and hopefully a bar near you.



  1. I hate being cold - I genuinely don't think I could be there.....! Looked like you had a blast though x

    1. It wasn't too bad as you were given thermal ponchos and gloves. Just felt the chill on my hands as I had my hand out my gloves to take photos hahaha. It was such a great experience and the new flavour is so so nice xx

  2. Hi Michaela! I have nominated you and your lovely blog for Liebster Award!! xo