boo hoo - it's not pay day just yet :(

So it's that awkward time in the month where you've been out constantly, you've purchased a big food shop, picked up a few must have pieces on pay day. and your bank balance is now sadly looking bleak for the rest of the month. Yes we all get to that stage :( (unlimited money source please find me soon.)

To stop me feeling so sad I've done a want list from a few of my favourite Plus size retailers atm. You may notice through the next few blog posts, colour and print have gone far far away. I believe I've got all tonal and minimal (The Kardashian influence for sure.)

Here's my first list of wants from BOOHOO:

1. Black T shirt Dress

2. Sleeveless waistcoat

8. Long Sleeve plunge body



  1. AMAZING PICKS!! I love that jumpsuit, although it wouldnt suit me, and the little black dress t shirt dress is lush!!! xxx

    1. Thanks hun. I'm in loveee with it. I'm just not sure if it'll be too tight if theres no stretch in the fabric :( xxx

  2. Thank you soo much Diana, I love yours too xxx