Missguided + Wish List

So you could say I'm very much inspired by the likes of Kim K, Khloe K or Bey with this want list. I'm starting to notice the change in my choices of clothing recently. I'm very much going a bit hip and minimal haha. 

Again these looks are pretty simple, apart from the hint of check and camo. I love how I  can build these looks together by adding some basics to them to create multiple outfits.

The statement clutches are pretty much my favourite lil sayings atm (I just need 'I woke up like this' on a bag and we're complete.)

Payday can not get here quick enough. Missguided is being hard;).

1. Camel Bodycon Skirt


3.Khaki Trousers

4.Check Maxi Shirt

5. Check Tie Skirt

6. Model Name T-shirt

7. UH HUH HONEY Clutch


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