Trending in the Plus Size Community

  1. change or develop in a general direction.

    "interest rates are trending up in Japan"

  2. "Trending" is a mutilation of the English language that means "currently popular." 

So correct me if I'm wrong but pretty much all of us would love to be trending. Whether it's an instagram picture that goes viral/appears or trends, our websites/blogs trending on tumblr/Bloglovin etc or even a hashtag we've created hitting the trends section at the left hand side of your homepage. We'd all love that recognition that comes with being noticed and having our pageviews/followers fly through the roof. 

I for one have never ever really hit the top, but I have had the pleasure of taking part in hashtag movements such as #youarefab and have been fortunate to be interviewed for a major UK publication all due to my blog. Of course with those highs comes lows though. Everyone in the blogsphere has probably experienced both these emotions (some more than others maybe,) but I think it's so easy to get caught up in what others are achieving than it is to look at what you are. 
Recently I've seen some upset amongst people. I understand the frustrations I do, because I probably experience those exact feelings sometimes, but it's what we do with that emotion that counts. 
I'm so proud of the direction the Plus industry is going in. Brands are much more aware of our presence and are working hard (some more than others) to accommodate us all. Although Twitter/Blogs are there to vent and rant, I do feel that maybe we all should take a look at how far we've come not only individually, but as a group. Don't let those frustrations get the better of you. I for one just think of how far I've come, what I've achieved and also the reason for me blogging. I'm not gifted left right and center and that's okay, I'm hardly noticed by a lot of brands if I'm honest, but when I receive comments & emails stating how I've changed one persons view on their selves and how they dress, I feel like my influence is there and is done. 

Anway, enough of the deep stuff. When I spotted this t-shirt, the shape was what stood out, but also how the print was set up like a dictionary definition. The topic of Trending just stood out and I found it ironic and fitting to how I was feeling whilst shopping. I just thought it'd make for a fun tongue in cheek outfit. 

Who knows maybe this post/outfit will trend? but like I said, if this look/post can just take some unnecessary pressure off and it's here just for your enjoyment, I'm happy

Top - Primark  Asos Curve
Skirt - Simply be  (Similar here Asos Curve )
Shoes - New Look  (Similar here Asos)



  1. Great post Micks and I have to say I 100% agree with you on some of the points raised early in the post. You are such a fun and amazing chick and I love this look! I can't wait to hang out with you soon babes xx

    1. Aww thank you hun :) Means the world. I think we all get frustrated but we should look at our own achievements and not compare them to others xxx

  2. Totally agree, plus size has come such a long way! Lovely outfit post :) xxx

    1. Thank you hun :) it's so easy to look at the negatives but we need to realise how far we've all come xxx

    2. Thank you hun :) it's so easy to look at the negatives but we need to realise how far we've all come xxx

  3. Thanks lovely. Was inspired by reading your post to speak out a lil too :) xxx

  4. love it babe! That tee is ace and you look gorge! x

    1. Aww thank you hun :). I just thought it may lighten the mood haha Primark have some pretty funny slogan tees atm xxx