You're a Wizard Harry

I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan (or so I thought), but I have read all the books and seen all the movies (that counts for something right?) Anyway, after living in London for over a year and a half, me and mum finally decided to take a trip and visit the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Watford. Mum had holiday to use and we’d both wanted to go to see behind the scenes of films that shaped my childhood and my mum’s adulthood.

I’d already spent the weekend with mum. We’d managed to get to Brick Lane and she spotted this camel over sized coat on a rack in a vintage shop. No questions asked, she bought it for me as a present for staying and that was that. I’d been after a camel coat, and even though this isn't the exact thing I wanted, I still love it none the less.

Anyway on to Harry Potter. The tour really was incredible. Everything looked soo small compared to what we see on the screen, but to be stood in the middle of the main hall and realising that the scenes I love were shot here was incredible. Me and mum took advantage of being able to ride on a broom (in front of a green screen, just like how they filmed the scenes in the film.)  We also got to learn how to use a wand the right way and I managed to be a part of Diagon Alley.  I tried knocking for Harry at number 4 Privet Drive but alas no one answered :(. We managed to take 5 and grab a Butter beer ( sadly not to my taste.) The whole thing was so magical; it really made me want to watch the films over and over again. It also really made me realise how much I missed the whole crew and story line. Sadly when me and mum went, platform 9 ¾ and the Hogwarts Express weren't open. Just means we have to go again ;).

We both had such a magical day and I loved getting to spend time with my mum. I really didn’t realise how much Harry Potter had influenced my childhood and I’ll forever be thankful to JK  Rowling for imagining the idea of Harry and bringing the book to life. 

Hat- Primark (old)
Top - H&M (old)
Coat - Brick Lane Vintage (One of a kind)
Jeans - Anna Scholz
Shoes - NIKE *Sold out*
Bag - LYDC 

Knock! knock! Harry come out to playy

Yes I'm trying to drive away with this. My ass would not fit in the side car :')

Have you been to the Studios? As well as trying to get back to see the Hogwarts express, I really want to visit the Harry Potter world in Orlando. I'm a little Potter Obsessed it seems.



  1. I was the same! I didn't know how HP obsessed I was until I went on the groupon Christmas tour last year. They had the animal actors, Hogwarts was all snow covered and they opened the door to the Chamber of Secrets which made me a BIT too excited!
    I neeeeed to rewatch the films. Ya know... for the kids Haha xx

    1. OMG really? that sounds incredible!!! so jealous haha. Well my mums sending the boxset up to me soo this bank holiday mayyyy be spent having a marathon film sesh haha xxx