Asos Curve - 90Ts Baby

‘90s baby

Are you a 90s baby?
It's the 90s baby
Let's party like it's 1990’

As soon as I saw this dress and I had to get it. I love a raglan sleeve and the leopard print was not like one I had in my wardrobe (and I have a lot.) Easy to wear and a little unusual I went for it and bought it.

I could team this up with jeans, leggings or tights (like I have in the pics below) and this dress would instantly make an outfit cool. I went for a grungy 90’s look adding a dark statement lip and a little bit of bling, with platform boots.

I kinda feel like I shoulda made some ladders in the tights, smudged my lippy across my face and rocked out with a guitar for the full 90’s chic look, but I kept it fierce and a little tame. I mean I'm not sure anyone can handle me at my Courtney Love tbh.

The jersey fabric is soft and isn’t see through. The length I can deal with but it is a littttle bit short (at least there will be no bum flashing moments as the fabrics heavy and cut straight.) I did size up in this despite it looking like it would be over sized in your normal size, and I’m glad I did as it relaxes the shape a bit more for a more casual look.

I love this look and have worn it out to the pub and a few gigs. A wardrobe staple that won’t be leaving anytime soon.



  1. :O!!! That dress looks lush on you, love the way you styled it!

    I thought that dress was gone from the website forever. I saw it a few months ago and fell in love. Definitely going to have yo purchase that on payday!

    1. ahh you must get it lovely. It's soooo lovely. I wear it so many ways too xxx