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The History of Plus Size Fashion

Do you often find yourself asking where did the term plus size come from?  Or find yourself trying to work out the historical back ground and influence to how the plus size industry is where it is.

Well look no futher. House of Fraser have put together this handy infographic to answer most if not all of your questions.
As most of you know I work in the industry myself, and have for the last 6 or so years researched plus size down most avenues for university projects and for my own knowledge.

It can be easy to just see the present day and the amazing changes that have recently happened, and not look at the past or sometimes even the future. So for those who haven't had the need to really research the nitty gritty details, this infographic is an amazing way to read about how it all came about. Georgina Grogan even makes an appearance against the likes of Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham. She's an uber babe that you all should check out :).

Thank you so much to the guys at House Of Fraser for allowing me to share this information. 


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  1. This is pretty cool.