Dorothy Perkins Curve - New Range

Dorothy Perkins Curve Range - My thoughts Review

Have you heard the news? Arcadia brand Dorothy Perkins are launching a plus size line. If you didn't know Evans is under the same umbrella as Dorothy Perkins, and the news that the brand are expanding their straight sized products in to plus is music to my ears.
My first ever job at 16 was with Dorothy Perkins. In a shop in Newport I grew to love not only the brand but the people I worked with. They were the first brand to invest time in me and help me grow with my educational studies and career. I'll always have a soft spot of Dorothy Perkins that's for sure.

From previews below I am pretty excited to see how the collection develops. I'm most looking forward to the monochrome pieces pictured below, as well as the khaki tie up dress.

Keep your eyes peeled on the 8th October ladies, when the collection is predicted to drop.



  1. I loved Dotty P's when I was younger, can't wait for this range!

  2. I'm soo excited about this range, sexy and classy defo up my street