#ReworkedWardrobe with George At Asda

If you're anything like me despite the piles of clothes and the full rails you own, every morning when it comes to dressing you suddenly panic and realise ' I have nothing to wear.' Loving the summer months I find it so much easier to buy clothes so I always end up with dresses and skirts that are meant for hotter climates, and hardly any clothing that'll keep me warm when the chill hits. Well I've collaborated with George at Asda to show you how to rework your wardrobe for the winter months.

I've taken this boho inspired patterned smock dress *, that I'd normally wear in the summer with bare legs, sandals and a sleeveless waistcoat. I added some simple and easy accessories that completely changes the look, so it will keep you warm and stylish for Winter without breaking the bank either and ensuring you're wardrobe can be worn to it's full potential.

When it comes to summer dresses the easiest thing to make them wearable for the winter is add leggings or tights. You cover your legs ensuring you're kept warm ( it also means shaving can be put off for a few more days :p but that's our little secret.)

Layering is key in the winter so I have taken a faux fur scarf that is not only stylish but it's lovely and soft to snuggle up to. (I use mine to bury my head in to on the commute to and from work.) Faux fur is very in right now and such a fun texture to add to any look. I chose the grey as it works really nicely with the blues in the print.

Now this season it's all about the fringe and keeping with the boho theme, I chose these fringed boots and fringe shoulder bag to go with the smock dress. This means I'm still keeping the theme of the outfit but completely reworking it so it's more suitable for Winter than Summer. These boots are incredibly comfy despite the small heel and ensure your feet are kept warm and dry.

It really is as simple as one, two, three, swapping and adding some simple bits can transform a look and it's functionality. I seriously love George at Asda. They really are in a league of their own for supermarket fashion and you can guarantee they will have items to suit whatever occasion you need them for. Don't forget to check out the website and the pieces below.


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