What Occurred - Week One

 So, I was going to start this post as a weekly vlog, where I'd film a little bit of my day and edit it all together for a quick insight in to what occurred in my world that week. Butttt alas this sorta failed for the first week. 

Honestly, being the first week back after the Christmas and New Year break, I felt like I needed to focus on me and try some self-care. A lot had happened during the week leading up to Christmas and I really needed to break free from a lot of things and hide away for most of last week. I tried to take a break from social media over Christmas, but I realised how much I needed it. A communication between friends and an escape in its self that is constantly there, if I need to turn to it. I had a really conflicting time in my head, where I needed to put my phone/laptop down but when feeling lonely it was the only thing I felt I could turn too.

Anyway Christmas was very much needed. Time with my family who I hadn't saw in months, time to catch up with friends, and also a time to drink loads and eat what I wanted. New Year was spent with my best friend. I realised how strong our bond is and how in love I really am with him. I think it was a refresh we needed and a new chapter in our drama filled love story ;'). 

But when it came to realising I had to return to London, my heart froze. I completed freaked myself out in to thinking my other love affair with London had broken. I genuinely saw myself weighing out pros and cons to if I really wanted to return, just like an actual break up I guess. After spending so many days with my family and best friend by my side, I had to come back to the same mundane routine and being by myself. I had to come back to reality and I just felt like I needed to settle and get back to that routine slowly and gently for my mental state.

So although my ‘what occurred’ is a little later than planned (This will be a weekly post on a Sunday evening) I guess the first week back was always going to be a slow one. Now I am back I've settled in to things, and I’m just excited to really push myself this year and am looking forward to a lot of new challenges and adventures.

Don't forget to come back on a Sunday evening to see what occurred in my life that week


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