What Occurred - Week Two

 Wow what a week it has been and plenty occurred. Let’s start with last Monday.
I awoke to the news David Bowie was dead. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a huge fan, nor did I realllly worship him for the legend he was, but I can’t explain the grief I felt. I shed a tear and got on with my day but I just could not shake off the sadness I felt. Then Thursday came and again I was hit by a bus of emotion as it was announced Alan Rickman had passed. Again I’m not a super fan of Harry Potter but it is something that I grew up with and loved. My foundest memories are being taken to Asda at midnight on the release of the dvds, dressed up waiting eagerly for the staff to sell me the dvd that I’d continuously watch over and over again. I must admit Snape scared me as a child (as did the rest of slytherin) but as I felt when the first actor to play Dumbledore passed, a little bit of my childhood disappeared. I know I talk of grief, loss and sadness and I never once knew or met these people, but the past week has been a little weird.

Anyway on to much happier happenings. I met with two of the girlies this Saturday at Borough Market for all things food and gossip. Having not seen many people due to Christmas and New Year, we met up for some time to catch up and also eat allll the delicious food on offer at Borough market (and no I’m not joking by saying we ate it all – free samples thank you :p.) We wondered about, taking in the sights and delights and spotted some awesome graffiti on our travels.

Talking of travels me and my bestie booked our get away to Paris this week. Celebrating knowing one another a whole year (I dunno how he puts up with me) we’re going to take in the sights in the city of Love, Paris. I’m really looking forward to snapping some pics on my new Olympus pen camera whilst there, and also spending time away with him. Any suggestions on what to do, where to go please do comment below.

I tried out some amazing products from Vichy this week and I’m am sold. The Dermablend foundation expertly conceals minor to moderate skin imperfections including redness and scarring. My skin, although it's much better than what it was, is still is imperfect and I am constantly looking for something to improve the look of it. I’ll be reviewing it shortly so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve started two books to motivate me for 2016. And no I’m not all ‘New Year New Me’ I just merely want to improve myself and my achievements for this year. I really want to push myself on to new challenges, meeting new people, traveling, progressing and learning. I’m 25 this year and I really want to succeed more with my blogging and also just in general. I’m really hoping the two books I’ve picked up really motivate me and also nudge me in the right direction. 


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