What Occurred -Two Week Catch Up

Woahh!! so what hasn't happened this past two weeks. Taking a seat back from blogging, I'm back and ready to rumble.

As my busyness has revolved around some factors I wouldn't want to name and shame here, I'll keep this catch up short, but I do have some fun up and coming posts I've been preparing. 

I was lucky to visit two museums this month. Being a V&A member I took my friend Lauren along to the Shoe exhibition that was being held. Although the exhibition wasn't the greatest I've been too (nothing will compare to Alexander Mcqueen) we had a giggle catching up, taking blog photos (post to come) and having the most amazing crepes.


The following day, me and my boyfriend visited the British Museum and explored. It was amazing to see all the artifacts, whilst also spending time with him. 

The following weekend I was invited along by the Access All Asos team to a new Youtube show called Digi Dating (more info to follow this week.) It was such a fun day and I can't wait to share more with you this Wednesday. I took along my friend Abi, and we tried Honest burgers for the first time. Honestly :p it was great.

This month I've been giving myself a lot of self care. Turning my mobile off, popping candles on, running a bath and reading a book. I think sometimes it's great to shut off from the world and the drama. 

So pay day came after a hard January and I couldn't resist these crop tops from forever 21+. Of course I'll blog about these too, but I just love the detailing on them. 

Just incase you weren't sure either.......I just had to buy this t-shirt from Boohoo +. I mean duh! Of course I'm a believer....I was one in my former life.

So I treated me and the boyfriend to Kaspas that has just recently opened by me. I won't lie I definitely could have ate one to myself even though we'd just ate at Nandos, but I thought I'd be nice and share (and save me feeling too sick.) This is going to be so deadly living near this shop. They have a crazy selection of crepes, waffles, cakes and ice cream. 

On the topic of self care and books, I've purchased sooo many motivational books this month. Amazon you've been hit hard. Although I have been annoyed recently by some comments from Khloe K, her book 'Stronger Looks Better Naked' is fantastic. I started the gym last year, and although I've not been for months, when I started my soul aim was to make my mind stronger and forget the bullshit about losing weight. It was encouraging to see that Khloe used the gym as her outlet too. And on that note I will be restarting the gym soon to box away the stresses of life. 

I was taken for my first ever experience of Pie and Mash on the weekend. I can either hear people question 'how has she not had pie and mash and she's 24?' or you're just extremely proud I've now tried it (I know I have one proud auntie - although she did say I have to try jellied eels before she's fully proud #nothanks.) 


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