#DigiDating with Asos

So I was invited along by the Access All Asos team to be part of the audience for a brand new youtube dating show. The show #Digidating is a mix between Cilla Blacks TV dating show 'Blind Date’ and real life tinder (just without the right or left swipe.) Being an Asos Insider I took the chance to check out behind the scenes.

The event was held at Peckhams Liberal Club, and it was like being transported back in time. The décor was amazing and reminded me of the working men clubs back home. I was lucky enough to bring along my good friend Abi. After enjoying a lunch at honest burger, and a few drinks before the filming commenced we were ushered in to a hall. Decorated in shining foil balloons, an awesome photobooth, and plenty of cheese with a real 80’s feel, the show began.

The quest was to for a digi dude or digi diva to find digi love. Through digital themed questions each round sorted through to sort the digi from the dodgy (yes Digi is the main word through the entire post.)

The main presenter, AJ was absolutely brilliant, along with Nimrod and Harriet. There was plenty of audience participation, either screaming out loud or answering questions with one of the hosts. I really had a ball. There were fun games in between filming. I took part in the fashion round. The aim? To create a fashion forward hat using tin foil. Placed in a team with other guests, I offered to model. I think my team were going for  devil pope / horny smurf? 

In this first episode of #DigiDating a digi dude (honestly he was a bit of an ass :p) tries to find his perfect match. In the second episode the digi diva is trying to find a digi dude. And the in the third a digi diva is on a mission to find either a digi dude or diva.

Watch all 3 episodes below to see if sparks fly in the internet café (move over Isle of Fernandez.)

And with Valentines coming up I hope you all find ya very own Digi Dude or Diva :p



  1. It looks like a fun night and the set really does look like the blind date set up.

  2. This looks like such a fun event!