Summer 2016 Plus Size Styling

What's this I see? Is it warmer temps and sunshine? I think it is. And with this it has prompted me immediately to create a wish list of things I need to be on trend and fashionable this season. My Summer Sandals will be coming out, my legs will be bare and my Winter coat will finally be laid to rest in the back of my wardrobe.

I am loving all things white this season. I've always shy'd away from pastels and anything that would attract dirt but I think the lighter the better this season. I am however loving blues and greens and the print on the Asos Curve Wiggle dress is amazing. I just need the right occasion to wear it. 

I love the change in weather when it goes from cold to mild to hot. I'm not a fan of the cold, although I have been loving my ripped denim this winter. I don't tend to like to layer to thick, but love to show off my figure in as little as possible. The British weather can be unforgiving and pretty wild at times (yes there was Snow in April) but I love just being able to throw on something light (the duster coat below is perfect for that), have my legs out in the sun and not have to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. 

Last weekend I made an attempt to put away my Winter clothes and I've started to purchase and dream of all the clothes I want for Summer. Just watch out for posts coming up on this wishlist.



  1. I actually still have my winter coat out but hopefully by the end of this week it will be put away!! x
    Janay Andre

    1. haha Mine is well away now. Nice weather has finally hit woo