30 Before 30 - My List

So by the time you read this the clock would have struck midnight and I will be 25. The grand old age, 1/4 of a century old. I have been having serious prangs about reaching this mile stone but when I look back on my life it's crazy to see how far I've come. 
From the age of 13 I've dreamt of living among the big city lights of London and at 21 I made that move. Michaela, all by herself and I've created a great life, met and call the most amazing people friends and I live in a city some people can only dream about visiting let alone living in. I wanted to see Tokyo, America, Europe and I've been lucky to travel the world and visit these places. I've had relationships some good, some bad but each have given me lessons and memories. I have passed my driving test and owned a car. I have gone to music festivals and saw my favourite artists rock the stage. I wanted to own designer handbags and I currently have 4. Everything I have wanted or wanted to experience I can say I've been lucky to. Girls holidays, wild nights out and rolling in at 7am the next day, I'm lucky to say I have achieved it. But reaching this milestone I've realised I have so much more to achieve and experience.

I've created my 30 before 30 list to encourage me and keep me on track. I love to live life to the fullest and I hate looking back or being kept away from achieving the very best I can. Before lifes responsibilities kick in and there are dramatic changes, I want to be able to live my life with no regrets. So in the next 5 years I can look back and think YOU DID IT!

1. Travel for a year - Across the globe, high and low I want to continuously travel and explore

2. Visit NY LA and Las Vegas - Prefereably driving across america with my roof top down and being carefree.

3. Be debt free - credit cards, overdrafts be gone.

4. Go to Glastonbury

5. See Beyonce live - ticked this off July 2nd 2016

6. Own less and live in less clutter

7. Start a business no matter how small or big - I want my own plus size boutique one day

8. Champion at my blog and continue to increase my DA

9. Learn a cool new hobby and make new friends

10. Get a job in a different industry

11. Test drive my dream car (and aspire to own)

12. Own a house - I'd love the chance to get on the property ladder

13. See Drake Live - ticked off 20th March 2017

14. Stay at the Shard hotel

15. Visit Santorini

16. Travel from North Italy to South

17. Progress within my career -  Started 3rd October 2016

18. Get a new tattoo   - 7th Jan 17 + 14th March 2017

19. Move and live in another country

20. Read at least one book a month

21. Quit drinking so much cola/fizzy drinks

22. Start up Spin Class again - Started 14th Jan 17

23. Volunteer for a charity

24. See the Northern Lights

25. Buy a Chanel Handbag

26. Start a memory journal

27. Go swimming at least once a week

28. Learn another language

29. Spend less time looking at my phone and on the internet

30. Learn how to use my Olympus pen properly





  1. This is a great list & really inspiring! Knowing you, I bet you'll be these done within the next 5 years including Glastonbury in 4! 🙌🏾

    Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    Clo x

    1. Thanks lovely. Glasto is on my list for next year. Just trying to round up the troops xxx

  2. Interesting list, I'm 26 and haven't even thought of creating such a list. Think it's the fear of knowing I'm stepping up the ladder pretty quick lol

    1. I was seriously pranging about turning 25 and just had to put some focus on it jhahaha

  3. Great list! I would love to get more travelling under my belt. I turned 30 in March and it's fab!

    1. Aww thanks lovely. Traveling is defo something I want more of in my life before my commitments change x

  4. I think I might just have to give one of these lists a go, I have a wee bit less time than you though given that I'm 28!

    1. ohh you should lovely. It's really motivated me x