My Acupuncture Treatment - ‘Back to Health’

My first memory of seeing acupuncture being performed is Charlottes experience on the Sex In The City Episode ‘The Domino Effect’. I just remember seeing these needles on the screen and being curious as to what they were being used for. I mean at that age needles were evil and only used to give nasty injections, so seeing them being used in a way that wasn’t like that intrigued me.

Since then I have grown up knowing that acupuncture is I guess a medical procedure that can help with almost anything. Learning how the body’s connected needs are dropped to points of the body to help ease discomfort.

The British Acupuncture Council, and we are in the middle of launching their ‘Back to Health’ campaign shining a light on the positive effects acupuncture can have on back pain. I’ve suffered with back pain for a while, no thanks for sitting at a desk for 8 hours. I also suffer with the worst headaches, so when I was approached to join the campaign I was so interested to see what it could do for me.

My first appointment felt like therapy, going way back to childhood memories and incidents I sat for what felt hours talking to my practitioner, talking all the way up to current day and things going on in my life. At the time of my first appointment I was going through an extremely stressful time. It felt so good to be able to chat to a stranger and get things off my chest. Connecting everything together with my back aches and headaches, I was asked to lay down whilst I had needles placed on my feet, hands and back.

The feeling is a strange one, you can feel the needle prick and then this warm sensation. It stings a little but not enough to wince in pain or feel discomfort. I then laid for a while breathing deeply in and out. I almost felt I was going in to a deep trance.

Walking away from my first session I felt so good in myself and couldn’t wait to go back. I was given exercises to do to stretch out my back and to continue to help with any pain I may feel, including the headaches. 

My second session was with another practitioner. This time I had longer with the needles and spent less time discussing the root of the problem. I walked away again feeling good, and after this session could really see and feel the difference of the treatment. I was getting less headaches and less back ache.

Every treatment after has helped more and more. I’m currently carrying on the treatment though but I definitely feel like I’ve taken well to acupuncture and I couldn’t recommend it enough. There’s no drugs involved, no discomfort and from my experience it really lifts and energies you as a person whilst helping take away the discomfort of pain and aches. It definitely has opened my mind up to how my body reacts to things and how connected it is.

My one friend has been spurred on to help her headaches as none of the treatments offered have helped and so far, it’s also helping her in the same way as it has me.

What I would say though is research your practitioner. I was extremely lucky to be placed in the hands of Isobel Cosgrove and Tim Davis at Spectrum who have been nothing but supportive and helpful with my treatment 

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity and can’t explain the difference I have seen. I am hoping once my treatment is finished that my body still reacts positively and I can live a life free of back pain and headaches too.


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