Book Your Lifestyle - Get Party Ready With Me

I was so fortunate to be able to get party season ready with Book Your Lifestyle. I was given the opportunity to chose treatments that I would have so I was ready to party hard for the Christmas season.
You can’t ever go wrong with pampering yourself. I instantly feel so much better after a few hours at a salon. Whether it’s getting your nails done, hair done, everything done. I chose to have a relaxing facial and massage to get me ready.

I booked in with a local salon called  Smooth You Town Spa and the experience was amazing. From using the website to book, to receiving all confirmation, to getting there and being welcomed on the day. I was introduced to the person doing my treatments and we talked through what I wanted to achieve before hand.

I chose the Le Grand Classique Deep Pore Cleansing Facial to prepare my skin for all the late nights, alcohol and make up i’d be going through. I also went for a Full Body Massage to get rid of the stresses and knots of work, living in London and just so I could spend a couple of hours forgetting about everything around me.

Daria, the lady doing the treatments was fantastic and couldn’t have given a better experience. I’ve had dreadful experiences with facials and massages in the past. One masseuse was adamant to talk all the way through one treatment about weight loss and how she couldn’t figure out how my bum was how big it was (clear to say I never went back there.) but no this experience left me feeling relaxed, chilled, and ready to get my party on.

The facial it’s self has lot’s of layers to it, from cleansing, toning, mask, steam, deep cleaning the pores. My face has never been so thankful and I still have a glow and a softness that has made wearing makeup so easy. As people have been saying ‘your skin looks flawless.’

Of course I didn’t go out straight away after the treatments. But I did go out last weekend and rocked the town (and even got that snog under the mistletoe.) I wore this Harness style bodycon from Simplybe and celebrated Christmas with all my friends. Maybe one too many glasses of wine were had, but I can safely say we partied.

What plans have you got coming up? Christmas parties? 


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