My Christmas Gift Guide - For The Males & Yourself

SO Christmas is vastly creeping upon us and if you’re anything like me this year then you’ve hit panic stations, thinking you’d completed your shopping but alas forgetting things along the way. My minds been all over the shop with some huge changes recently in my life. Some changes I’m grateful for, and some well some I could have done without. I’ve put this guide together and whilst looking for items spotted a few things I’d like myself.
So I always struggle with the men in my life. The practical sort, they buy what they actually need and well don’t want much else, and there’s only so much football and alcohol novelty gifts you can buy them. I always end up buying something that’s not so practical and sticking with their usual ways but try to buy them things they don’t realise they want or need.

I do find though a good pair of men's underwear goes down a treat as a little present though. They’ll always get worn and if their novelty even better.
Now this year I’m spoiling my family. I’ve recently got a new job so I’m able to give back to them after they’ve bailed me out on so many occasions. My dad is a huge men’s jeans lover and I’ve found the perfect pair for him that I’m sure he’ll be dying to put on after opening his presents Christmas morning. Being able to push your dads style in the right direction always helps too ;) having a fashionista daughter sometimes can be handy haha.

Of course when looking around for presents for others you just have to spoil yourself for the party wear season ahead and there are plenty of items I am dying to get my hands on. Who knows maybe it’ll get me a kiss under the mistletoe ;)


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  1. I absolutely love the last dress, I am really tempted to buy this myself !

    Janay Andre