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So 2017 is going to be a big year for me. I’m finally taking life by the horns and doing it my way. This includes ticking off my 30 Before 30 List, and also changing my living situation and moving in with friends (rather than share in the dreaded shared accommodation situation I'm currently in.) 

Along with a move I have so many ideas and DIY home improvements that I want to complete.

Spray painting old frames and wire ornaments. I want to add a touch of colour in my home and up cycle frames and thing I currently have with a touch of neon spray paints.

I have a peg board that needs some drilling done to hold it in place.

I want to add some shelves to my walls and create a frame wall to decorate.

I’d also love to wallpaper and add a feature wall to my room and just modernise.

And of course I want to update my room by assembling some new furniture.

Slater and Gordon who are leading mesothelioma lawyers conducted a research questionnaire, asking people about DIY and safety in the home. The research showed that whilst 45% of the 2098 participants asked were happy to drill into walls to add additions to their home, only 5% consider this activity as a serious risk to their health. I certainly wouldn’t have looked at it as a threat to my health, but drilling into walls, a day-today task can be fatal if your house contains asbestos (please be careful if this is the case and get a full check completed by the landlord or an assessor.)

They found 23% of people would consider carrying out electrical or plumbing work as having a serious risk to their health (I’d be part of the 77% who’d actually consider that a risk – and I’d be calling on my brother, dad or a plumber to help), but asbestos found within these places, especially pipe insulation, is a hidden risk that can’t be ignored.

So here’s some facts that were gained from the survey:

• 23% of people surveyed are planning on carrying out a DIY project in 2017.

• Only 4% of people surveyed thought sawing large pieces of MDF/ treated woods posed an extreme health risk.

• 30% of people answered ‘don’t know’ when asked what causes mesothelioma.

And here’s some tips and tricks on the info graphic below, that I too will be following, that will allow you to complete your DIY home improvements safely:

                                             Health And Home Slater Gordon


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