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The sleep specialists and bed retailer Bed Guru * has just launched a collection of convenient, self assembly beds and headboards, called The Landmark Collection.
These beds have been designed to slot in to place and can easily be assembled and dissembled, making them less of struggle whilst moving home or just simply moving around a room. My only question, why did I not know about these beds until now?
To promote this new collection, I’ve been asked to blog about how you make the most of your small, rented living space.

I rent in London. Now everyone’s aware of the ever ongoing increases to rent – not that the prices aren’t crazy stupid now. But Landlords/ and builders believe in cramming in as much in to a tiny space, which equals to small rooms and spaces. On average, new houses in Britain are only 92% of the government’s recommended size, making them the smallest in Europe.
I was shocked to read the following facts sent through to me
‘Living in the North East or Yorkshire? Homes here are the smallest in the country, on average, a full 10 square metres below government guidelines. That’s the equivalent of a double bedroom and a living room smaller.

However, it’s not much better done south, where a new one bedroom pad in London is the same size as a tube carriage on the Jubilee Line, according to The Royal Institute of British Architects.

Why? Good question. It’s not always because of pressure on land. It’s more profitable to build smaller dwellings. And since we’re the only EU country without minimum-space standards for homes, builders and landlords can get away with it.’
And I can vouch, a tube carriage is TINY.

My room isn’t tiny though, but after my last move I did downsize. In my first home in London I had huge living space outside of my room as well as a perfectly adequate sized bedroom. Choosing between convenience and location, my last move has made me have to live amongst boxes.

I’ve had to adapted to not having shelving (another downside to rent –landlord are reluctant to allow you to make major modifications such as shelving.)

So when I was approached I was actually pretty excited to share a few tips on how to adapt to that small living space.

Under Bed Storage 

So first of all my must have is a bed with under bed storage. Now I am not a fan of divan beds. Every single one I have ever had experience with has broke. The cheap cardboard underlay sinks, the cheap staples to hold it place pop out and snag. But I am fond of a lift up bed, or a bed with space underneath to slide storage boxes under. In a small room no space can be wasted.  

So these come in a variety of sizes with different amounts of square spaces. These are an absolute god send in rented accommodation. Cheap, Lightweight, easy to assemble. Honestly I couldn’t be without these things.
Starting at £20 in the white for a 4 square. I have two which I have placed on top of one another. I have bought 8 of the fold up Drona boxes which I store things in side. I have then pushed them as far back leaving a small storage space for me to decorate with ornaments.

I love my little display. I get to show off and use the shelving space, whilst storing things behind.

As you can see I also store my suitcase above and hang things using pattern hooks  . It look so cool and hanging bits with them. i've even done it on displays on my wall ( hanging off screws left by a previous tenant :p)  

I also have hung things from my wardrobe door. and built up an almost buckeroo type solution. I keep empty hangers in my Chanel tote, have a plant that looks cool, hang an ornament and also the hang acts as a storage for belts. ;)

Window sills

I always love a window sill. Again they make great alternatives to shelves. I normally pop a frame and a few candles on mine.

Large Mirror

And one thing a small room can not be complete without is large mirror. I have one that hangs over my door and it elongates my room and also is great so I can check my outfit on the way out. You can pick these up in places like Wilkos. I believe I may have even got mine from Matalan.

So if you’re in need a new bed or mattress in your small room ? No matter how small or awkward your bedroom is, with radiators, windows or low attic ceilings in the way, Bed Guru have a range of special size and shorter length beds and mattresses to fit your space.


*in collaboration with Bed Guru
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