Dreams Can Come True

Dreams, the visions you see when you sleep or ambitions and things you aspire to in life? I have dreamt both in my 25 years. Dreams that I had whilst sleeping as a child that still haunt me to this day, dreams I have achieved and am currently living. I was approached by adjustable beds to write about my dreams and how they are so important to me.

As a child my parents were constantly told of my vivid imagination. I aspired to do such adventurous things, I dreamt things that I still sometimes get confused if they are real or not. But the main thing is I've never stopped dreaming.

I have younger siblings and I would never ever wish to stop their minds dreaming whatever it is they want to be, where they want to be and who they want to be.

As a child dreams for me were important. They were an escape from a time that was tough. I remember wanting to get in to my comfy bed and fall asleep all the time so I could just escape. and in the day I'd allow my mind to day dream away.

I remember dreams I had that still scare me when I think to deeply about them, I'm currently living my dream of working in London amongst the city lights and smog. And for the younger generation especially my siblings I encourage nothing more than to dream.

Now aside from the aspiration kind, what actually makes us dream whilst our heads hit the pillow.

Even though many studies have happen, there is still no exact reason for why we dream.
What is clear however is that there is an enormous amount of neurological activity occurring during sleep, especially when we are in what's called the REM stage of sleep. A period of sleep which happens in cycles of about 90 to 120 minutes, usually during the latter half of our night’s sleep.

It’s also been suggested through studies dreams could play an important part in our emotional and mental health well being, and can be a way which we solve problems, deal with emotions and thoughts. A crucial reason to why dreams are so so important, even as a child.And something I can definitely relate to.

Dreams play an important role in providing us with the ability to function psychologically. Which shows that understanding our dreams and their meanings (am I the only one who still uses a dream dictionary?) may have an effect on our mental health and capacity to deal with difficulties in our woken state.

It can be said that ‘Dreams are highly personal and have the most significance to the individual dreaming them. and dreams do have psychological significance and may often be an unconscious reflection of our internal anxieties, fears, desires, hopes and fantasies.’

They construct within our own minds, and we can tie certain ideas or thoughts to dreams, or ideas held within them and make them mean what we wish them to (yes the dictionary reading comes in handy for this haha.)

However, dreams definitely give clues to areas of our lives which may need attention, our personal relationships or aspects of ourselves which we are concerned about. I have had several dreams that have stuck by with me and have certainly guided and been influenced by occasions in my life, and I know during these times of my life and how I'm feeling in my woken state, that the following night when my head hits the pillow my dreams will follow a certain way.

So sleep tight guys, and let your dreams run wild, no matter what age you are.





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