Releasing My Inner Rock Chick With Yours Clothing Limited

It's no secret I am a rock chick at heart. I was an emo/scene kid as a child, brought up on rock music, and my life is possibly influenced by the rock and roll way of life. As much I love to dress up smart and chic, I love to add an edge to my looks. Even right down to my tattoos. I love showing my alternative way of life and just saying to the world I love rock alternative music and the connections to that lifestyle.
Being a huge fan of anything mesh, this rock chic printed t shirt became an instant winner in my eyes. With the front covered by a panel of printed jersey t shirt , the arms, chest, back and hem are pure see through mesh. The print is a grungy print that reminds me of the american flag with the lines, and with the main cities in the USA named amongst. Of course the top is titled rock chic so there is no way of not broadcasting to those who look, that deep down you love to rock, and of course excel at that.

I tried to add a touchy of girly grunge to the look with this pleated lace khaki shirt, and my rip-off studded Valentino shoes (these are from Primark ladies, and though not wide fit they are so comfy.) I think adding these pieces just brought the complete look together that was alternative but still very fashion. 

Of course I layered with a leather jacket, the ultimate statement piece for a rocker of any gender. Studded, embellished, you're look is taken seriously when you add that leather jacket. 

I totally feel I could have gone off to a gig that night and rocked the night away. Feeling comfortable, fashionable and edgy. 

The rest of the limited collection right now is insane. I have picked up several pieces more and can't wait to show you. With embellished detailing, off the shoulder bodies, fishnet and satin fabrics, it really is in a league of it's own. Check the Yours Limited Edition collection and grab yourself a piece before it flies out ladies. You won't regret it. 


Leather Jacket (Anna Scholz - Sold Out) Alternatives below

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