Must Have Lingerie - Evans Hollie Black Lingerie Set

So I was gifted this set from the amazing team at Evans for a Valentines surprise. I first saw this at their most recent press day and fell in love. I love all this harness detailing that's about, whether on show or under my clothes. This set did not disappoint.
Believe it or not I've never bought lingerie from Evans, apart from pants, so I was so excited to try this set.

Now apart from the harness detail style on the bra being amazing and so sexy, the fit was pretty spot on. The bra fitted like a dream. The band supported and didn't dig and the cups lifted and supported my boobs. The harness detailing also fitted perfectly. I had no issues with the cups gaping, or the band being too tight and I could happily wear this set day in day out. 

I love a high waist and the pants fitted perfectly around my bum and up on my waist. Check out the Hollie black set and don't delay. I can see this selling out like hot cakes. 

Now I did a little shoot in my hotel in Milan and oh boyyyyy was this room amazing. The bathroom was stunning, with speakers, a walk in shower and this mirror. Boy thisssss mirror. I could not stop getting pictures in it. Now if like me you need one in your life, then look no further than  Pebble Grey Mirrors . When I make my move later on in the year I'll be buying one to place on my dressing table. It's the one thing I miss having so I'll be going full on luxury. Plus this lighting is perfect for those selfies.



  1. Oh you completely delicious thing! You look utterly amazing!

    C xx

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