My Top Tips For Getting Ready For A Girls Night Out In London

So we all love a night out. Whether every weekend or just once in a blue moon, a chance to let our hair down, dress up, and have a boogie (alcohol not compulsory) there's no denying we all need that break. So I’m talking you through my outfit and general preparation for when I hit the town. Living in London there is literally everything catered for whatever taste you have. Music wise, setting wise, drinks wise, food wise. I’m very lucky to spoilt for choice.

When I go out I do tend to dress up and wear my best. The tighter the better, the more the better. I really try to extenuate my features both on body and face. It’s a bit of a military operation getting ready.

First of all the night before I prep my skin and knowing I’ll be wearing a skirt or dress I use a at home IPL hair removal system to remove any unwanted hair. This is usually on my legs and arms.
I'll shave first of all then use the machiene across my legs and arms. I'll also use this on my face too and love it's facial skin rejuvenation feature. This helps brighten up my skin and shed any dead cells. 

I normally treat myself to a blow dry to get my hair looking fine the morning before I head out. I headed up to the new Rush Enfield branch this time and was blown away by the generous and helpful staff who got my hair to tip top condition as well as styling it impeccably. As soon as I described the look I wanted, I was advised what products were going to be used, how they’d style it so it’d drop throughout the day to leave a soft curl for the evening, and their spa area where they wash your hair is heaven (they also give a head massage along with a wash that was out of this world.) They currently have a 50% promotion running too, all details are through this link. I can’t wait to visit the branch again.

On to the makeup. Now I dislike the texture and look of my skin. I have been scared pretty bad from years of acne as a teen and although I have gotten used to it I still when I go out really prep my skin and cover it. I was recently introduced to a NYX colour correction palette and it was is amazing. The green cancels out any redness, and the yellow any purple undertones. My favourite foundation is the Estee Lauder double wear maximum. This comes in a blue bottle with a gold cap and it is extremely covering and smoothing.If you’re looking for coverage but less heaviness the double wear normal is perfect. I contour my features after this and have again been introduced to face baking with translucent powder. A lover of any horoscope gimmick I am in love with the MUA horoscope Taurus eye shadow palate. They have a great primer that I let set. I then place the gold on my lid, shade with the red and then the black gold glittery shadow is placed below my eye. I normal finish with a nude lip and some false eyelashes and I’m done.

Now the outfit. Of course the outfit prep is done a week in advance. From what dress, what accessories, and well shoes don’t tend to be an issue as I stick between two pairs I know won’t hurt or damage my feet haha.

My outfit I chose to wear over the week came from both Yours clothing and Missguided. This nude embroidered body was mine the moment I saw it. It’ll become such a versatile piece in my wardrobe over summer, dressed up or down. The skirt again had to be mine. The corset detailing at the back was a clear winner in my eyes. Accentuating my butt (that probably doesn’t need much in the way of accentuating) I just thought these two pieces together formed the perfect look. I felt a million dollars and my confidence outshone.

And well the prep to get over a late night or word ‘McDonalds’ hahaha.


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