Wrap Up In New Look Curves

Winter is here ........... and I am not a fan of the chill. I’m usually pretty awful at buying Winter clothes that keep me warm, just because I constantly have my eyes on Summer clothes for warmer temperatures. This Winter though I have caved in. Whether the older age is setting in and I am becoming more responsible, OR I just can’t stand being so cold all the time and ultimately ending in illness.

I made a sensible purchase of this coat (yes it’s in most of my recent shots) and this simple v neck knitted jumper (sure it’s sold out now but will include alternatives below.) I’ve also invested in some boots, thicker socks, and lots of jeans, to unsure I am wrapped up this winter.

I find New Look's new Curves range to have a lot of reasonably priced basic pieces this year, that will keep you warm, make you look stylish, whilst being nice on the wallet. What more could you want?

This jump will definitely take me through the chilly spells in spring too, and khaki isn’t going anywhere. Green being the pantone colour of the year, I can see green shades and tones being consistent through fashion the next couple of months.

Adding a little touch of luxury to the look though, I took my Kate Spade on an outing. I really like the white against the khaki and grey. I do love a cute bag that pulls an outfit together and this is no exception.

I hope this chill soon blows over though and we’re met with higher temperatures. There’s only so much cold I can handle and I think I’ve had enough for 2017 already.

A simple outfit like this though is great for work, after work or just on a chilled out weekend. I know I’ve worn this jumper on all three occasions and everyone’s said how cosy it looks.


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