Improving My Photography

Photography and blogging sort of go hand in hand. You don’t need to be a photographer at all, but it helps if your imagery is clean crisp and I guess attractive. It’s a dog eat dog world and more and more people are creating sites, so you’re photography has to stand out. I learnt this the hard way and recently up’d my game.

Using the best CSC Camera I’ve found my imagery has needed to improve to keep in line with the quality and content brands now expect. I collaborate with photographers to achieve the best imagery, but am lucky to have my very own camera and a friend who knows a bit more than me on how to work the thing and capture amazing angles.

If you don’t have the expenditure to purchase a camera don’t freak out. Photographers are very willingly to collaborate, sometimes for free or for a small fee, just by getting in contact maybe through twitter or email and building a relationship is an excellent start. I tend to plan ahead with locations and looks and I bulk up on what I want to shoot. I can sometimes take 6/7 outfits with me on one shoot and choose a location where I know I can make it look like I’ve travelled across London and shot in several different locations.  My favourite place is the Barbican centre in the summer. Although it can be a struggle for lighting.

If you do have the money to buy a camera, really research what is best for you. And test and trail. Lots of camera shops allow you to test them in store so head to your local one, where someone is definitely on hand to help and guide. I guess figure out your aims too. Are you mainly a fashion photographer or do you want to head in to vlogging? Just really do your research and have an idea of your aims. Also if you are a fashion blogger, make sure you know your camera so you can explain to someone taking photos if they’re not so good with their knowledge. 

One thing I struggle with is photography lighting. My room light is awful and my whole flat rarely sees a lot of natural light so my aim for this year is invest in some photography lighting. This will help with any product shots more than anything, as I mainly choose to shoot in outside locations in natural lighting.

And once you have the basics, it’s all about having fun and capturing beautiful imagery. play around with settings. I usually leave my camera on auto, but I do like playing with shutter speed settings etc to try and achieve different images.  I have added a few pictures below to show my new love for photography and what I have achieved on shoots. 


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